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You may find this limiting, given that the ultimate decision to convert lies in the effectiveness of the brand’s landing page. Instead, consider pay per click affiliate programs (PPC). With PPC programs, you’ll earn a commission each time an individual clicks on an advertisement placed on your website. 

In this article, we will cover 14 affiliate programs that pay-per-click.

14 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows website owners and bloggers to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their sites. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad, you’ll earn a kickback.

It’s simple to set up — just complete the application, add a line of code to your website, and let Google do the rest. All ads are screened before going up on your website to ensure they’re relevant to your audience.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: None
  • Types of Ads Offered: Text and display (either in-feed or in-article)
  • Payout Methods: Check, e-transfer, Single Euro Payments Area, wire transfer
  • Payout Requirements: Must earn at least $100 to withdraw; Net 30

2. Media.net

Like Google AdSense, Media.net places relevant ads within the content on your website. You’ll earn a kickback for each click generated on the ads. Earnings depend on several factors, including the ad relevance and how engaged your visitors are.

Media.net offers the option to leave your ad tags — the code within your website — on auto-pilot, freeing you from the responsibility of monitoring ad performance and creating your own ad units. An ad specialist will monitor the ad unit and make changes where needed to optimize performance.

While some sources claim you need 10,000 pageviews per month to qualify, others have been accepted with just 5,000 pageviews per month. Media.net doesn’t publish the exact requirements, so we can’t say what the minimum requirement is for sure.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: Unclear
  • Types of Ads Offered: Contextual ads, interest-based ads
  • Payout Methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer
  • Payout Requirements: Must earn at least $100 to withdraw; Net 30

Infolinks is a well-loved affiliate program offering over 350,000 publishers the opportunity to earn income through pay-per-click ads. With a variety of ad types offered, you’re able to create a seamless ad experience for visitors without overtaking the content on your website.

While some claim Infolinks has no minimum pageview requirement, Infolinks states that they have a “modest” pageview requirement. It’s unclear what this amount is exactly.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: Unclear
  • Types of Ads Offered: In-text, in-tag, in-frame, in-screen, in-fold
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, bank wire, eCheck, ACH (for US only)
  • Payout Requirements: Must earn $50 to $100 withdraw (depends on the payment method); Net 45

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another PPC advertising network, allowing you to earn money when visitors click ads displayed on your website. Its differentiating feature is the ability to withdraw earnings as Bitcoin. Earnings vary depending on advertiser demand.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: None
  • Types of Ads Offered: Display banners, pop-unders, sliders, smartlinks, XML, programmatic
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, wire, check
  • Payout Requirements: $10 minimum earnings to withdraw; Payment schedule unclear
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5. Mediavine

Mediavine is one of the most well-known affiliate programs on the market, but their requirements to qualify are a bit higher than competitors. That said, you’ll earn around $13.75 RPM, which is a solid rate.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: 50,000 sessions per month
  • Types of Ads Offered: Display, native, video
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, domestic ACH, international ACH, U.S. wire transfer, international wire transfer
  • Payout Requirements: $25 to $200 minimum, depending on the payout method; Net 65

6. Adsterra

Like Mediavine, Adsterra is a more selective advertising network, but for good reason. With a robust offering of ad types and the ability to fill 100% of the ad slots placed on your website, you’ll likely see high RPMs as a publisher on Adsterra.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: 50,000 impressions per month for display ads; 5,000 impressions per month for popunders
  • Types of Ads Offered: Popunders, banners, web push, native, VAST
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, e-transfer, WebMoney, Paxum, wire transfer, Bitcoin
  • Payout Requirements: $5 to $1,000 minimum, depending on the payout method; Net 15

According to Skimlinks, they’re the largest commerce content monetization platform, with over $2.5 million in sales generated by publishers each day. If accepted, you’ll have a variety of merchants to choose from. The kickback you earn will vary depending on the product popularity and conversion rate.

Stats to Know:

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements: None
  • Types of Ads Offered: Contextual, in-text ads
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, ACH transfer
  • Payout Requirements: $65 minimum; Net 30

Others That Didn’t Make Our Big List

There are several other incredible PPC affiliate programs that didn’t make our primary roundup:

8. PropellerAds

9. Revcontent

10. Outbrain

11. Sovrn (Formerly VigLink)

12. Adversal

13. Ezoic

14. AdThrive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate link is a type of affiliate link where you, the affiliate marketer, earn a commission based on the number of clicks generated through your referral link. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing programs, where you’re only paid when a sale is made, PPC affiliate programs allow you to earn money for driving traffic to an advertiser’s website.

Which Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs are Good for Beginners?

Generally speaking, PPC programs with low minimum page view requirements will be best for beginners. From our research, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and Skimlinks appear to be good fits for beginners.

Can You Make $100 a Day with Affiliate Marketing?

It depends. While some individuals report making well over $100 per day with affiliate marketing, it will take some time to see these results. It also depends largely on the number of page views you receive, your average conversion rate, and the types of products you’re an affiliate for.